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Sunday, July 2, 2017

New Perspective for Fourth of July

Life is a bit more quiet on Newark-Granville Road with the kids at camp. We're calling Peter's camps in MD Nanapap camp.  Last year it was all different with the delayed camp delivery and our trip to much fun.  So this year being here without the kids is different.  

All of our activities are a bit different without the kid and going back to the before kids mentality isn't easy.  I'm missing them yet embracing and enjoying the change in pace and perspective.  I was taken back by the new location for the Ferris wheel at the fair in town.  I love to ride that Ferris Wheel. I love the views, the slight thrill it provides and is fun to do with one of my kids.  But this year no kids and a different local.

Joe and I rode bikes (yes I can ride a bike- ankle diary note) for lunch at the very start of the fair.  I though I'd take a spin then but delayed opening didn't give me the opportunity.  We returned home and retreated to the club for some lovely R and R, supporting planned activities there. Joe is on the board and we both appreciate all the staff and volunteers are doing to help one of our happy places in Licking County.  After a lovely day and evening I recognized the chance I had to scoot to town for my spin...and so off I went at 9:30 pm.

What a treat it was to find quick easy parking and join the town happy energy to end my day.  I bought my ticket, stood in line taking in the festivities and then went for a ride.  The new location is exciting- I was able to see the entrance to Denison, be on par with the steeples in town and look further west on the beautiful Broadway Boulevard.  The real treat is the sounds that accompany the sites.  The shrills and screams produced from the swings and swirls, the ooh and ahhs of winners in the bingo tent made it all the richer of a ride. Conversations from pre-teens in the cart behind me obvious that a Mom type is listening made me pause but smile.  Our sweet town in it's 4th of July glory is fun to see from the bird's eye perspective.  The perspective was also my comfort to pop in to town solo and wrap up my day reflecting on the nice emails, texts, photos, street chatter and quality time at the pool and on the patio.   I had a happy impromptu exchange with another camp Mom allowing me to think of my girls in WVA.

Life on Newark-Granville Road loves the start of this new month- welcome July!  The new fiscal year for work- woo hoo for all the amazing donors and volunteers in fiscal 2017!  The holiday celebration of our amazing country- it isn't perfect but it is ours and offers so much.  The kids special opportunity and comfort in being in new places and off of Newark-Granville Road.  All sorts of perspective for 2017's 4th of July.  Thanks for sharing, it is time to take a view of the golf course!

Can you hear the music, delighful screams and chatter?
Some see Methodist Church I see Denison entrance and Swasey!

My favorite view- when I herad the cheers I turned around to snap this picture.

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