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Sunday, July 27, 2014

back from the beach…..

Just home from a wonderful vacation! My parents are all about "under one roof" and the beach is really a great way to achieve this. For many years my whole family has met on the Outer Banks- OBX for these beach get-aways, reunions, vacations.  It started with just the Granville Leithausers and my parents in Nags Head, then we headed south with Sarah and family to Waves and then we all found a wonderful big house that included Matt's Florida crew- 14 of us- oh the fun had, the memories we made. Many chronicled on this blog in earlier posts!  This year we were back to 10 of us. Matt's family explored the West this year and we missed them but understood. The smaller crew took the opportunity to try a new house and oh were we rewarded! Lost Lobsta in Avon was a wonder vacation home for us!!  It really was a wonderful week!

And now I sit typing back on Newark-Granville Road- no pictures to share…yet!! I'm not one to announce- we're going on vacation, leaving the house empty. I also enjoy going off the grid a bit- it helps me relax and really embrace being away, taking a break and I LOVE IT!   Not posting while I'm gone also gives me future blog post input!!  I'm in the sun room now- the house is cold! (YES AC IS BACK!!!!!) I'm missing the humidity of the beach. I love my sun room and grateful for the good work of our house sitter for keeping the plants alive.  This sun room also takes me to Vermont- we set it up that way- another happy vacation memory for me.  Much of the fun of vacation for me is quality time with my parents and good people.  So rarely do we just sit and hang out together. This is the collective we. I use to do it more when the kids were little at the pool- that has happened this summer. It may be why I like going to Peter's baseball games- I like sitting in the stands and talking with good people.  These vacations are so much about being together and talking- in the car, on the beach, on the deck at cocktail hour.  My Dad and I reflect- he asked me what was my favorite of all time vacation….of course that is hard- I've had many. Vermont is at the top of the list though.  Bethany Beach- Sea Colony provided amazing summer opportunities too and it is up there.    As I type and "extrovert" I'm not only grateful for my own vacation but my family's. Clare, Peter and Sally had a wonderful vacation too- theirs continues as they went home to Maryland. Clare with Sarah and the other two in Hagerstown.  Yes I know I'm very fortunate. Joe and I alone on Newark-Granville Road. We seize this- our drive home was a treat in itself…I'll leave that for another blog.

I'm just checking in- letting you know where I've been. Life on Newark-Granville Road is good and filled with sand everywhere!!

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