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Monday, July 14, 2014

summer highlight- take me out to the swim meet!

We wrapped up the 2014 Summer Swim Team experience tonight.  An away meet against the Pataskala Porpoises. Most of my volunteer participation this year has given me the opportunity to observe and take it all in from my seated officiating experience.  I'm so pleased with what I've seen, I have to share!

Our kids aren't the best swimmers, they hold their own.  They say they like this activity because it is fun.  They have friends at the pool, they are given great attention by young adults- coaches and it is a game.  Joe and I like this activity because- it gives our kids a healthy active outlet that teaches them an important life skill.  We're swimmers at the lake, the beach, the creek and the pool. Water is my happy place and I love sharing this comfortable activity with my family. Seeing the joy and happy experiences they have with water is very rewarding.  We also appreciate the positive role models engaging our children.  The MCC coaches are impressive.  We've enjoyed a few post swim meet meals together and appreciate what these young men and women are contributing to our kids upbringing.  They hold them accountable to hard work and make it fun.  Being on the side lines in my "boot" I've watched the way the guards/coaches interact with the kids at the pool and it is very positive.

Joe and I always enjoy the great families at the meets and enjoy the chance to catch-up and share the swim meet fun!  I'm amazed and grateful for the key volunteers- Carol, Beth, Allison, Jody, Eric and all the timers and other officials that say yes immediately and enjoy being active and engaged during the meets.  Our first meet had me not able to volunteer due to the broken ankle and it was hard! Just sitting and watching just isn't my thing.

It has been particularly fun to watch the 6 and under set! I'm grateful to know some of these little swimmers. The one little boy who swims butterfly but doesn't go anywhere- how brave to swim that stroke at that age. He's always positive and energetic.  The 4 year old swimming on the relay team with the big kids- soooo darn cute.  These swimmers follow their coaches like baby ducklings waddling after Mrs. Mallord!

Life on Newark-Granville Road is all the better in the water and at the pool!!  Interested in learning more about swim team at MCC- just let me know!  I have to say there are few places I'd rather be than at MCC home swimmeet.  Summer evenings with family, friends in a beautiful active seeting. We love to share the fun of life at the pool.

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