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Monday, July 28, 2014

capturing the beauty of the beach….

Here are the promised photos. I could put more up but I won't- these capture the fun.  Top- our last night- we made it out well past the scheduled time but we did it.  What a great crew to spend a full week together "under one roof"!!  Thank you Stoner and Christophers for great memories.  Middle-look at that ocean- the colors were amazing all week! These were taken the 2nd day- Mother Nature fooled us- the forecast was terrible but only two afternoons we didn't get our beach time. The kids had a blast playing - truly jumping for joy. Bottom- cousin time at our favorite Ocracoke spot- Books to be Red bookstore. The book I bought was my perfect beach/ drive read!!   Life on Newark-Granville Road is happy as I can hear the waves, smell the air, taste the salt and feel the sand- it came home with me in shoes, was in my bed last night?!!

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