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Sunday, July 6, 2014

the gift of hospitality.

I love hospitality.  I love offering it and love receiving it.  This weekend hospitality was all around and I'm grateful!   Life on Newark-Granville Road is particularly nice around the holidays when we're graciously hosted by the Westerville Leithausers at Apple Valley.  For years now we've been been joining in on 4th of July fun with our extended family.  This year we made the decision to go north to the Westerville Leithausers for the actual 4th.  Yes it meant missing Granville traditions but it felt like the right decision. And it was- the longer extended weekend and time together was lovely.  The Westerville Leithauser's hospitality was simply amazing. 

First- Aunt Ann is a fabulous host!  She completely goes with the flow with our coming and going.  Our arrival schedule and need to leave and return was embraced and welcomed.  We're mixed in with the other guests and made to feel quite at home. Ann cooks, prepares and puts out a spread! When we arrived on Thursday evening dinner was kept warm for us and we were well fed the rest of our stay.  Highlights include- ribs, guacamole, star shaped blueberry/strawberry scones! When my kids like it- its good and the ribs and guacamole receive shrieks of delight.  Everything was so well prepared and presented- she is the hostess with the mostess!

The fourth of July also includes my birthday and I'm always made to feel special at the lake house.  The kids-nieces, nephew and my own- embrace the celebration as well!  I love the way everyone helps with the cakes (two this year one we brought from Whit's- kids' idea and one made by Ann and girls- jello cake- WL birthday tradition!!) They also help sing, light candles and blow out the candles. Some of my favorite birthday photos showcase this shared delight and allow the kids to showcase their own hospitality!

Fireworks at AV include being hosted by dear friends. Their view of fireworks is ideal and the tradition of motoring over in the light, kids playing happily with the group assembled, delicious dinner and drinks galore, oohs and ahhs of colorful patterned explosions and motoring back by star light makes for a lovely night.  We all look forward to this special evening and value the gathering of good people who value a good time.

Another lake tradition has become swimming the lake. And yet again an opportunity for a lovely family to offer hospitality! We've done it enough that it is a tradition and includes the other side of the lake.  I texted that we were on our way and this year we were welcomed with hot coffee, fresh baked cinnamon buns and hot chocolate in a beautiful serving pot with tea cups.  I don't known when I've been happier. It was a cool morning but the temperature perfect and we all engaged- the kids giddy with anticipation for the swim and reception on the other side.

The definition of hospitality according to Oxford dictionary on line is:  

The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.  

This is indeed what the Granville Leithausers received this weekend over and over again and we're grateful.

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