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Monday, October 26, 2015

I Voted- Nov 2015

I will be traveling on election day this year- so that means an early vote for me. Here is the website on how to do that if you too can not cast your vote on election day- Nov 3rd-AND where you can find your ballot, so you can read the language and be prepared when you vote.

The language confuses me so I look for help with clarifying.  The League of Women's Voters is one place.  Local newspapers also assist, chambers of commerce, are some of those links:

(this one gives examples- I found it more helpful)

I also will miss the opportunity to talk about ballot issues on book club's night before an election meeting. A wonderful tradition I value and will miss!

It is important to not only vote, but be informed and I'm feeling a tiny bit behind the on this one. I'm also confused and need to sort out clarity.  I wish it was not so complicated and I know I'm not alone. I do know the right to vote is a privilege and the United States with all its issues is still the best place to live and I want to be an active and engaged citizen.

My life on Newark-Granville Road is hoping Issue 3 does not pass- I do not believe the state of Ohio is ready for legalized marijuana.  I'm not ready for our community's and my children to believe that it is OK and "legal" to get high on pot and for pot to take on all sorts of other forms.

Life on Newark-Granville Road is hoping to celebrate the re-election of Jeremy Johnson and the election of Dan Finkelman to Granville Village Council.  We know both of these gentleman and appreciate their positive economic growth and collaborative approaches to leadership for our wonderful community.

I have my "I voted" sticker- make sure you get yours!

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