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Friday, October 30, 2015


Thank you for the fun "Boo" that was on our front porch!  Whoever you are- thank you. What a treat for Sally to find a package for us on her way to the bus stop! Then unpacking it (she goes out early so there was time) with lots of oohs-ahhs, full face smile and giggles.  I appreciated treats that were not only sweet but festive!   Clare and Peter arrived home that afternoon, texted a photo asking to dig-in and eat. I said yes- they texted back, thank you.

Sally immediately jumped into planning our Boo back or better said on.  I picked up the new items this morning and had fun taking my time strolling the store following your lead.   I was going to post a photo of Sally on her way to return the favor- but that would potentially give away our identity. Know that Peter joined the fun with delivery that included a ding-dong-ditch- rang the door bell when they placed the Halloween goody!

No Boo-Hooing in our lives on Newark-Granville Road this Halloween! We changed things up with Mom out of town for Gville trick-or-treat but setting up a great night for Sally, Peter and Joe with friends in town!  Clare happy to be on the basketball court delighted by Sally's sharing her candy stash! We loved Denison Athletics trick-or-treat for staff- giving Mom time with Sally in a festive low stress way!  And tomorrow is the real Halloween/ All Hallow's Eve….stay tuned!

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