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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

back in my own bed….

I'm back and ready to sleep in my own bed, put Sally on the bus, sit at my desks (work and home) and embrace the awesome life on Newark-Granville Road.  Going off road gives me amazing perspective on our wonderful community.

The trip to Maryland to honor Susie and Eric Smith was good. My cousin Jessica- their daughter did amazing so did Alex.  Their dearest friends did amazing too and we all benefited. Your prayers help- thank you. It still is hard to believe they are gone and we'll take the lesson. I'll make sure family and friends know how much I value and appreciate all they do and who they are!

Then to Boston for work- I love this city! I was able to retrace some steps and further some relationships- such a blessing.  I ventured out of the city and explored the historic and notorious Concord and Walden Pond areas- how cool! Yes work!!  I met a Denison parent of an alumnus who is in the public service sector and doing good things.  I was given honest feedback that will help me do my job better- good trip!  I slept in big beds and rested and missed my family. I ate seafood and walked all over the city- taking in my beloved Make Way Ducks and Swan Boots. It was a good trip.

And I'm back- the yard signs are in the yard- it is time to get serious about elections. I'll need to vote early due to travel. I love this- it makes me really get ready! My conversation with the Denison parent (not current) in public service made me again realize all that goes with putting yourself out there to serve, to be lead, to disagree, to motivate, to learn and to decide- thank you to all those running.  There is a candidate night for Granville on Thursday- I'm sorry to miss it.  EVERYTHING good is happening on Thursday night- more and more good things adding to my commitment- HATSOFF! kick-off, Vail Concert, Peter's golf banquet and more…..go where you need to go, join me if you can, catch- me up and I'll catch you up….life on Newark-Granville Road- good to be back.

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