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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Overlaps and figure eights with Africa and China this morning!

Life's figure eights can be deep patterns and then wisps, but oh how I love to revisit a place or with people that had an impact.  Our family was fortunate to travel to Senegal in 2013 to stay with friends living there- it was our spring break trip.  This morning when I read this article, viewed the video I was back in Dakar.  My life on Newark-Granville Road enjoys the figure eight patterns and overlaps and connections to our fair college on the hill in Granville, Ohio. More than a physical visit, this reminds me of the valuable lessons from this trip for my family and me.  Zhihao Cao '16- thanks for sharing your experience in Senegal and your rich journey from China to Granville. Readers I hope you'll visit this link: 

I recall as well my wonderful trip to China- so many to thank for re-sparking my love of travel and lessons I learn when I venture beyond Newark-Granville Road.

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