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Saturday, July 30, 2016

thoughts from the road.....

So much to share from my time off Newark-Granville and conferences are inspiring, rejuvenating, fun and so much more. Here is a first go to record what was on my mind this July's trip to the south....

I don't need to buy souvenirs at this point but I do love the catchy sayings I found in a variety of shops...on a variety of items from Tshirts to ornaments.  Here are a few:

One Person Can Make a Difference and Everyone Should Try- John F. Kennedy   Glass tray at a store in the Greenbrier.

The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it- Ralph Waldo Emerson  Cocktail napkins- same store above.

Advice from a Butterfly- Take time to smell the flowers, enjoy the beauty of each day, break out of your cocoon, catch a gentle breeze, take yourself lightly- Linda Harris.  Art Gallery in the Outerbanks.

Advice from an Elephant- Make a big first impression, don't work for peanuts, know when to put your foot down, be gentle, no matter your size, charge ahead. Linda Harris. Same art gallery

Words of Wisdom from The Sun...start each day quietly, create warmth as you go, shine your light on others, end each day with beauty- Linda Harris. Same art gallery

The South-  The place where... Tea is sweet and accents are sweeter; Summer starts in April; Macaroni and Cheese is a vegetable; Front porches are wide and words are long; Pecan pie is a staple; Ya'll is the only proper noun; Chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy; Everything is darlin; Someone's heart is always being blessed.  Wood sign in a shop in OBX.

Life is Better in Seersucker.  Tshirt in OBX

Saltwater heals all.  Tshirt in OBX

Good News for a Bad News World- church sign.

She smelled of SUN and Daises and a with a hint of River Water!    This was on a chalk board in a great store in sums up our girls when we picked them up from camp....and as we unload, put away and do laundry....the mud of the flood is still with us....but no worries it did not dampen the camp experience for the Leithausers. They came off the barge and declared- shortest and best camp session yet!

These make me smile, think, a bit of both, some more than on Newark-Granville Road loves its seersucker, salt and river water, sweet tea, Good News, time with friends in a home, our home here is best, listens to the sun, elephants and butterflies and certainly tries to make a difference.

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