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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Your assistance please.....

Last month this blog had over 1000 views- yay!  I'm grateful for each person that shares in my various activities, points of views, family, work, and community happenings.  Today I ask for assistance with a project I'm working on that is dear to my heart- HATSOFF!- the bi-annual fundraiser for The Works: Ohio Center for Art, History and Science (check out all the good things they do for our community and if you have not been, please )   

The HATSOFF! auction- I'm chairing acquisitions- this means auction items and wine/booze for the speakeasy's wall of wine and hooch!  (Denison pals- thanks I donated the cool Tequila from the 25th to this effort!!)  Some great things are in the auction now but we need more! I say to everyone- we all know someone, or have something that someone else would like to buy for a good cause!  Some people are artists; some people have art to share- no longer works in their home.  Some people have condos and cabins. We'd love to offer experiences- special items and opportunities you can't just go buy. The Works is unique, HATSOFF is special and the auction items need to be too!  The Works is a non profit- I have paperwork to work on for the donors.  Please email me, call, text, FB message me if you want to talk about this- Far away friends- I’ll pay for the shipping!  We go to print with the catalog sooner than later so now is the time to act- THANK YOU for thinking about what you can do to assist and help us meet our goal and raise money for this important education and tourism anchor in this special community- the Works is so much more than a museum- it aligns so beautifully with the liberal arts and all Joe and I believe in...and it is the 20th anniversary! 20 years of development and growth making a huge impact with science, art and history learning, understanding and delighting.  If fifty views turn into auction items from my blog I will indeed be a happy camper!!

The HATSOFF event itself is September 17th- tickets will be on sale soon - happy to talk to you about that...The staff at The Works- including new Development Director, Stephanie McManus are doing incredible things- but they need volunteers to assist- that is where I ask that you assist- join me as a volunteer and donor- bottle of wine, favorite booze, auction items- silent and live! Life on Granville Road is all the better with friends helping me meet a goal to support the HATSOFF! auction this year.!

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