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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

empty nest...Girls at news, good news!

Thanks to Nana and Pap- Sally and Clare have made it to camp!  I don't have any other update as no mail yet....they just arrived on Sunday, Monday was the holiday...and today is Wednesday.  Note I came home from our Colorado trip hoping for a letter from Peter.  No such luck- oh well...mail may be delayed in West Virginia. My hope is he is having too much fun to write and it isn't his favorite thing to do anyway.  He may be embarrassed by the check box child stationary for camp I put in his letter writing kit!  Oh well- past readers know I'll share the fun of letters here.  Back to the girls....Nana and Pap headed south from Hagerstown on Saturday and spent the night in Lexington, VA.  Then were one of the first in line for Sunday drop off. Pictures I've seen, few below share a great story- happy happy campers indeed! Alleghany looks great and was ready to start 1st term.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is an empty nest for the next week and a half. It is quiet and I miss them very much but am happy for their experiences.  Drive down pic, facebook post from camp, from the Barge with Kranich girls!

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