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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer reading- Mountains to the Beach and travel in between.....

Another thing I LOVE about summer vacation is reading!  Those that know me from the blog know I love travel for this reason mix travel and vacation add up to lots of reading time for me! Happiness is.....Reading in a low beach chair, feet in the water...ahhhhh...reading under the umbrella (thank you Greg).....reading after lunch before heading back to the beach.....Here is what I read while off of Newark-Granville Road in July!  I was doing my research for a future book club recommend...or catch-up from past book club reads, supporting local book stores is fun too! I found a new favorite!

-Our Souls at Night- Kent Haruf- found this at the fabulous book store in Buxton- had a little note recommending it.  I wish I could recall what the comments were that attracted me to this book.  Then the owner of the store, when checking me out lit up when she saw this in my pile and said- it is a dear book.  Then a clerk at a shop in Lexington, VA heard that I was reading this book and did the- hand to heart with an ahhhh- and said she loved this book.  I finished it today and I will do something similar when recommending this book in September to our group.

-The Silent Wife -ASA Harison- recommended via text as a good beach read.  Mine reflects that this indeed where I read it- little salt water never hurt no body....Bought this one on Okracoke!

-The Things They Carried- Tim O'Brien- this month's book club book- looking forward to discussion on Monday, happy to be ready!

-A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman- this was my favorite of my reads...and I will read other books by this author!

-Dear Committee Members - Julie Schumacher - read this in Colorado- really enjoyed it, sorry I missed conversation with Denison group.

-The Bookman's Tale- Charlie Lovett Another I read on the Colorado vacation- it was last month's book club read and we had a nice discussion. It was also fun to leave it with my parents- my dad devours books and he is enjoying what my friends did from book club.

-Dreamland, The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic - Sam Quinones- Joe listened to this and I felt like I had read it as he stopped to share the fascinating, sad, concerning points about black tar herroin, the abuse and exploitation of addiction

-Leviathan- Scott Westerfeld.....Peter's required reading, Clare's from last year and she did not like it. We listened to it in the car and I LOVE IT!  I'm not quite done....Peter is reading it as well.  I found this fascinating, intriguing and a great book- I get why it is a summer read!  Can I attend the classroom discussion?

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