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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to School....for the record....

Joe did a great job making sure the kids got to school! He also took the fun photo posted to the left and others included here documenting the bus stop on Newark-Granville Road and Griffey's sad face.  He even made a facebook post! It was a bit hard not to be here to send them off, however the retreat/training I was attending was fabulous!  I did my best to fill in with other activities to prepare them for this special day.  Things like Mom and me yoga with Sally, back to school shopping, attending the open house/ meet the teacher night with Sally and the sports night with Clare and of course the beloved family dinner-salmon cakes, mac n cheese, fresh broccoli!
I'm thinking Joe did well in this division of activities!

Life on Newark-Granville Road started today with breakfast by Joe- corned beef hash and eggs!  Although Clare still prefers cereal with milk.  I was able to text with Clare and did leave notes for each child individually with the posted sign on the fridge and front door with the following reminders: "please take a picture, know we love you and are proud of you, be kind".

Our retreat wrapped up a bit early and a bonus for me was arriving home to greet Sally's bus!  I'm sorry I didn't get to chat at the bus stop- Griffey not in the mood to chat.  Sports shuttling not something I do on a regular basis but is good chat time.  We'll wrap up the night with family dinner out - Bombay Garden in Heath- Indian food- the family favorite right now.  Penny was here and we'll keep the house clean.

I was fortunate to have had my own classroom time today (and yesterday) to help me prepare for a successful year. I will share the retreat and training happened at The Inn at Cedar Falls- and was a place I hope to return.  It is a beautiful spot and my day started with a walk around the serene property. Conversations and break out on beautiful porches and our meals delicious!  Hocking Hills is a beautiful part of Ohio, we must find time to return with the kids and even for our own escape.  Girls weekend? I'm game!  I love to be outside in the woods and it was a lovely back drop for learning and planning.

Let the record show, the school year is off to a great start for all of us on Newark-Granville Road!


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