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Monday, August 29, 2016

breath in....savor the good day.....

Lucky me- I was able to sit in the grass, shoes off and watch Clare and the awesome girls of the Granville field hockey team play field hockey.  And they won- yay!  Nice parents, a puppy, fabulous weather, incredible scenery, active, happy, positive girls, being coached well, cheered on and supported.  It was a lovely lovely evening.  It didn't feel too hot or humid- warm yes but not dripping hot.  Bonus- Joe had dinner in the crock pot and oven-left a bit early to have it ready when we arrived home.  It was a day with lots of good results- results from hard work- not just mine- team effort.  Support of education, the liberal arts, a diverse student body- diverse in all ways.  It was a good day. A trip to the grocery with hellos and dinner prep for tomorrow.  Crossing off some nice to-dos and will be in bend by 10.  It was a good day in my life on Newark-Granville Road and I breath it in, I savor it, I save this feeling for the days that don't go as well.

We're launched, school has started and we're figuring out routines and expectations. That helps.  I'm still behind on emails and volunteer efforts but this community makes it work. THANK YOU to all that help my kids get what they need- thank you.  It was a weekend that combined Denison, The Works, the community, friends, MCC, pool time and more Denison and worked, inspired, energized and prepared me.  It was a very good weekend.  I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend. The last hurrahs of summer for the most part.  I'm savoring this time and place, I'm breathing in this joy, this peace, this contentment.

I know they won't be this active, they won't always be here, there won't be games with grass for my toes and friends by my side- this will pass so I must savor it, breath it in, embrace and love it.  How nice when it works so well and makes it so easy to recognize this happy, peaceful, inspiring, good place.  I am grateful. I count my blessings for this day, this time in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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