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Friday, August 5, 2016

Supporting Pelotonia  

It is here- the weekend soooo many great people have prepared for - the ride to end cancer!  You can't but marvel at this impressive, incredible effort.  Those that don't know about it- read, google, check it out.  One goal- end cancer- raise funds for research.  And it is working!  We know people first hand that have had terrible diagnosis and treatments are evolving- research is working.  We're grateful. We all have our stories- if you read far back in my blog you know ours- although I probably need to share more about the connection of my Dad's blood disorder to cancer, and his mother's young death- 35 from leukemia.  Life on Newark-Granville Road sees too much cancer so I value and appreciate each rider, volunteer, fundraiser, awareness builder!  THANK YOU!

I do not ride- this isn't my thing- but I support and cheer.  I'm wearing green today. I love that Denison's Swasey Chapel is lit at night in green and the signs are all over Granville. Tomorrow we'll go (please join- show up-the Richards family host a great breakfast and collects funds and gives us a fabulous place to cheer the riders as they enter Granville- west side of Broadway, past Wildwood park- you are invited!!)    Duty calls and I won't be there as long as I like but I'm with you all and grateful to all that go out and cheer the streets of Granville- downtown is fun too!

At the base of all of this is education- those researchers are educated, they are persistent scientists! I love that Pelotonia provides funding for those smart, focused, risk taking, hardworking people with a dream- end cancer! Life on Newark-Granville road is figure eights, integrated and about relationships- that is why Denison, The Works, the Granville Community, Licking County, Central Ohio, family all matter and apply to this effort and why I hope you'll join us in supporting Pelotonia.

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