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Sunday, August 21, 2016

consider yourself invited......

to the CAbi party I'm hosting tomorrow.  Monday, Aug 22 7 pm!  Carol Anderson by invitation is what it stands for...... for me it is friends who've opened up their home to let me try on clothes, hang with their friends and have the chance to round out my wardrobe.  As a professional women with three active kids shopping for me takes time and I always feel rushed.  The past six years in particular I've been grateful for the Cabi shopping opportunity and the comfortable clothes that fit me.  A variety of options- casual, professional- some seasons align better than others.   The blue suit was a fun buy last spring!  And this season....lots of red!  Go Big Red!  Note I remember attending a number of very fun CAbi shows when I was new to Granville- I still wear a faux shearing coat! I do wonder where the brown sweater is- Marsha Otterstedt and I both bought it. I remember wearing it to a Christmas party in the Old Farm neighborhood...sorry I digress!

When I was asked to host a show this time I said yes.  I've said no for years but this time I decided to give it a try.  I've sent some emails to those I thought might enjoy the chance to stop by and try on clothes if you didn't get one of those and want to stop by- PLEASE DO- I did some quick emails going through the alphabet- if your email didn't pop up quick I might of missed you-I'm sorry!  If you received one and this isn't your thing that is fine too.   The reality is you are welcome to stop for a glass of wine, nibble and chance to say hi to me and the friends assembled!  Here is the website- check it out!  Interested in a purchase and can't make the show- let me know- Kay the awesome consultant that will be running the showcase and helping us with fit has other shows and times to see you.  I bought my blue suit this way last year- so fun!  While I'm advocating for home shopping and great consultants- my friend Lee has brought the beautiful India Hicks to our community!  Check it out and talk with Lee- I can connect you if you don't know her! She has a show coming soon!!  You are invited to that too!

I loved the chance to sell Just Ducky- remember those days?  My kids- Peter- in the shortalls and monogrammed romps!  I really enjoyed opening up my home, merchandising, entertaining and sharing the fun of kids clothes.  Tomorrow night is for the grown ups about our style and clothes to work, hang, go out, run errands (I wore my comfy skirt and top to the farmers market yesterday) and just be us.  You are invited to a shopping and friend night on Newark-Granville life- tomorrow- Monday 7 pm!

Update on 8-22 10:51 pm-Thanks, thanks to the fun friends that joined me in shopping on Newark-Granville Road loves to play "shop"...seriously I felt a little bit like a girl playing dress-up or making my house/ room into a boutique! It was fun! I love to entertain, clean up the house, get out the flowers and serving pieces but it only works if friends come and play too!  Laughter, oohs and ahhs...and that magic mirror- too fun!  If anyone still wants to place the order with CAbi- I'll take the orders until Wednesday at 6 pm- I'll get it to Kay or I can get you in touch with her directly.  Then in about 10 days I'll deliver the orders. I'll get to play CAbi fairy delivery driver!  Life on NG Road another party in the books!

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