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Thursday, August 11, 2016

car talk and watching life go by.....

at the fair, at the gas station......when your car won't start that is what happens- you sit and wait for a tow truck and watch.    Last night at the fair the car would not start- we tried a jump- no luck. Joe brought a new battery- no luck. We called for a tow...and then it started.  While you wait you talk cars, you guess what is wrong. You reflect on other car issues.  You watch people looking for cars in the parking lot. You watch people change diapers, pee, make out, argue, make calls...good to know people are watching.

By the way great tow truck guy- Wally's!  We took our chance and took the car home and called the dealership knowing we'd get it in there- on our terms.  Wrong.  It started this morning, I went to get gas and then it didn't start. So I sat at the gas station and watched.  The tow truck came again and it would not start and so we towed it.  The car wanted to go to the dealership today.  I called the dealership and the good news- I didn't have to go. We talked car talk, I explained the issues. He was pleased it was intermittent to help with diagnosis.  By the way I watched the many landscapers fill their equipment with gas and choose their hydration, breakfasts, snacks.  I saw those on their way to work, play, errands and luckily a friend was happy to drive me up the hill. I would of walked but it was humid!

Something new is wrong- steering column. The dealership guy called and we talked cars. He thanked me for having it towed to them- loved that.  It took me back to Federal-Mogul days.  If I could I'd go watch them fix the car. It will be interesting to see what they find when they get in there.  By the way yesterday the handle on the drivers side inside door had a big snap and stopped working.  So I had to open my door by rolling down the window and opening it from the outside.  Car talk about that one- cable popped off, piece of plastic holding the cable broke.  I'm thinking 2002 car's plastic might be getting brittle and are not made to last forever.

Life on Newark-Granville Road- car talk! It is time to say good bye to some beloved cars- hopefully not Martha- Martha is the Sequoia.  Jamison and Sebastian- we'll donate them to our Public Radio station via the Car Talk donation program....but not quite yet- I need to use them while Martha is repaired and prepared to return to my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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