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Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 Christmas Card

If you are reading this in response to our Christmas card..thank you!  I hope you'll take a look at past posts to get a sense of what is happening in our lives and catch-up with us!  No longer do I, we, send out long Christmas letters..the blog should do the trick?  Need more scoop- give us a call or email!  Better yet come visit.....may I suggest the first Saturday in May?

In April we'll share more details about Derby but we do like to get the date on your calendar and reality is one big mailing a year is about all we can do- so Derby invite and holiday card are all one now!  Didn't get a card? We're sorry!  Please mail us real mail and that will be an easy trigger to return the favor. I do love this time of year and all the real mail.  It is second only to the letters from camp sent from the children in July.  This year Peter joined the girls at extended sleep away camp- he became a Greenbrier boy.  The girls love Camp Alleghany.  The West Virginia floods tried to dampen the experience- and only did literally.   We were all impressed that the kids loved their days at camp despite the shortened time and mud.  Even Louisa loved the extra day at mini-camp and we cherished family time in Hagerstown instead of White Sulfur Springs.

Our October trip to India was this year's card's inspiration and details behind the photos can be found on blog post about the trip- there were three in October- keep scrolling!  The one thing Clare really really wanted to do in India was ride an elephant- hooray for Joe for making that happen.  It seemed appropriate to tie that to Derby.  And yes Derby Party 2017 will have India inspiration with decor, food and ???

The Taj Mahal is everything and so much more- truly a wonder of the world.  The gift of Christmas and God's love is a wonder and tied well to the seasonal greeting.  We do love to wander and are lucky to have traveled as a family.   We're so grateful to all that made all the wonderful things happen for us in 2016- family time, travel support,! Joe learned so much at Cardinal and is excited about his new role with Infoverity.  Denison connects me with incredible people- colleagues, parents, grandparents, students and of course alums.  When Denisonians bring their children to visit we're so touched to be part of the fun.

Clare, Peter and Sally are active, happy individuals.  Each their own person with similar interests.  Granville High School has Peter and Clare this year- how did that happen? Sally is in 6th grade which is the Intermediate school in Gville. All three playing basketball, the girls have lacrosse and field hockey and Peter is still devoted to baseball.  They really do travel well and that is the positive reinforcement that keeps us taking to the skies.  Summer swim team, golf and dear friends in our beautiful community keep us all very happy.  We're lucky to have Scott and Ann's family near by and enjoy quality time and traditions- like swimming across the Apple Valley lake!  Stoner time is more planned and happens twice a year with all of us under one roof/around one table as best we can do with 14 of us.  We know we're blessed to have four grandparents enjoying time with their grandkids and embrace the time we can find to get together or have them with us to cheer from the sidelines.

We do hope these greetings find you well and that 2017 brings peace, love and joy! We're thinking of you in our lives on Newark-Granville Road.

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