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Friday, December 2, 2016

Count Down to Christmas (plural) and finding our way....

Here we go- December 1 was fun! December 2nd is festive....feeling like we started early for us Granville Leithausers. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving our tree was here we are on Dec 2nd and it only has a few ornaments.  Maybe we're waiting to include our Denison International host daughter?!! Yeah, yeah- that's it- she will be here on Sunday, cooking us dinner!  What fun we'll have with her helping us finish this task.  Note some of the decorations are out as well....but then a key piece is missing and the porcelain ornament collection isn't out yet.  sigh....

It really is the month of searching.  Three key things have gone winter coat, my beloved winter purse and this piece of tree.  I think I may have to acknowledge they're gone, be grateful for the joy/ purpose/service they provided and embrace new...sigh.  I even looked on ebay to buy another purse like the one I can't find.  The reality is they probably donated, and I have to say that is what I hope happened so someone is benefiting, happy with a pretty new coat and a cool purse.

I need to move off the search and into the moment. Into the preparation.  I love this time of year. Deciding what gifts to give for each person. Wrapping, delivering, the time together to exchange and mark the season and all it represents.  This year we'll host the Leithausers the weekend before Christmas and then my family arrives from the 23-26 and leaves the 28-29th...we don't have all the details figured out and we're doing some new things.  The big Stoner Christmas with a turkey dinner will be on the 26th.  Leithauser Christmas is embracing a breakfast/brunch and I'm excited about that....I'm grateful  and looking forward to preparing for Santa. Louisa will be with us in Granvile for Christmas.

I'm finding my way in my work, with our growing and busy teens/preteen, my politics, my volunteer efforts and always my faith.  I'm grateful for this time of year that reminds us to prepare. I am counting down on Newark-Granville Road and I'm going to savor each of the Christmas celebrations I am fortunate to have.  Tomorrow's Walking Tour in Granville.....a very special Granville Christmas.

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