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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day at home, in the middle of the week, in the middle of this busy month!

It is Wednesday, December ??, I'm glad to have the day of the week correct.  Even Peter yesterday thought it was Wednesday when it was Tuesday. I thought it was Monday.  There are many reasons for the confusions.  First- it is December and there is so much going, hosting, special events- love, love, love it all, but more to keep track of and execute.  Second...I had the treat of a girls weekend in Chicago to shop, catch-up and take a break from who goes where when how!  It was a delightful time with my Omaha roommate- Ellen Wheeler and her dear friend, now my dear friend Manderley Prophater.  It had been eight years and it was overdue!  Mother nature gave me an extra day that I turned into a work day.  Lucky me working in Chicago- great Denisonians, great city!

And third the reason I'm at home- working!  Big fun at Denison- we're moving office locations.  My department is moving to Beth Eden- historic old house on Chapel Walk.  Admissions and Financial Aid are moving to Burton Morgan.  Burton Morgan is a fantastic, modern, easily accessible building. What a great way to welcome visitors to campus!  Admissions is the first step in Denison's who purpose.  Beth Eden has served them well for years.  I love the space as I worked there all four years while I was a student.  I also enjoyed the house setting from my Colwell days of Alumni work.  I've loved the Burton Morgan time as well but am embracing the change.  And embracing the day off while boxes and equipment are swapped. I look forward to unpacking on Friday!  And yes it is an inconveniences, and I didn't do the best job prepping some supplies that are now packed.  BUT we're also cleaning up, purging, rethinking and mixing things up in ways that will be a very good way to welcome 2017!

These reasons summarize why I feel like my life is a snow globe!  We're shaking things up again and there is beauty in the swirls.  Yesterday's snow reminds of the lessons snow storms bring.  Family time was embraced here when basketball was cancelled and today the sun is shine on a picturesque setting.  And now here I am working on December work things and doing a bit of home catch-up that is quite needed.  Thanks for reading and sharing in this festive time in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  Soon it will be time for the Holiday Blog Greeting!

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