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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve Greetings......

I hear doubt about it he found Louisa Christopher in Granville!  The cousins are all tucked in bed with visions of sugar cereal dancing in their heads!  What a treat to have Louisa here! Louisa is Sarah (my sister) and Greg's daughter.  And of course we love having both of them and Nana and Pap here with us for Christmas.  Matthew (my brother) and his beautiful family arrive on Monday for Stoner Christmas celebration.    It has been quite the month to get us to this place!  Boy, am I glad we are here!  I love this evening and wish it could last...I've savored the day and will continue with some reflection and blogging to keep it in the record books.

First Presbyterian Church of Granville was a beautiful place to celebrate the true meaning of the season.  We welcomed the Christ child and God's fulfilled promise of love with beautiful music, scripture, a thoughtful message surrounded by friends and family.   Both of the services were wonderful and all three of our kids and the choirs sang like angels.  I'm sorry I didn't get to attend the third service or track down a midnight mass.  Christmas Eve isn't complete without a good giggle with my siblings...and Sarah and I couldn't help ourselves.  Laughter with tears is therapeutic and pleasure that is rare. I love Christmas Eve and what each service provides.  I also love the traditions and time at home.  The formal dinner with most of family is quite a special gift.  Mom is a great partner and brought beef bourgouin frozen so it was a quick turn around working side by side with Stoner women.

The tradition of the day starts with ice skating thanks to the wonderful Prophater family.  What a fantastic activity and gathering for this day of anticipation.  Having Sarah, Louisa and Nana with us...and of course our bonus daughter of Charlotte started us all out merry and bright.

Christmas in Granville, right here on Newark-Granville Road brings happy tears.  Thank you for sharing and staying in touch- it is another gift for which I'm grateful.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, peace and joy in this magical time of year as the light extends into our lives on Newark-Granville Road and yours.

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