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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas is in the air.....

the magic of Christmas has arrived on Newark-Granville Road!  Flowers are blooming, paper whites and the Christmas cactus! Peppermint stick custard is in the freezer and the last Sunday night Whit's run is checked of the list of things to do.  The trip to the mail box is a highlight of the day with stack of holiday cards making their way!  THIS MAY BE A HIGHLIGHT of the HOLIDAY for me- real mail!! Presents are almost all procured and some are even wrapped and under the tree. Not to mention Leithauser Christmas is in the books!

We gathered here yesterday for a new approach-breakfast.  The best time we found to host Joe's family was the morning and so we turned it into a three course meal with gift exchange as a break between the appetizers and the made to order omelets by Joe.  We all fit around the table and enjoyed being together.  The good news about this is Friday night was an early Christmas eve with wrapping, music and decking the halls with the extra touches.  Although the pine did make Sally's allergies reappear.  We've figured out she is not allergic to Frazer Firs but is allergic to the pine of the roping I used for the mantle.  Allegra to the rescue!  I do admit I'm somewhat pleased there is one remains gift to give this set of family.  A traditional themed item didn't arrive on time- hoping it does for our New Years Eve/ Day!!

There is plenty to do this week of Christmas!  The work move went well and we're setting into Beth Eden. The Christmas cards are in the queue- for the record there are 12 Days of Christmas so I'm trying not to stress to much.  We're playing musical computers and photo loading isn't going very well- sigh....this is why you still see Thanksgiving photo on the blog and not the cute pic of a wreath on the car- another sign it is Christmas for the Leithauser's.  Or the kids in front of the tree with our host daughter from India, or a picture from the Chicago girls trip....check out Face book for some of these.

Life on Newark-Granville is embracing the mystery of the season and appreciate the chance to share it with you.

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