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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Back in the saddle again, Broken Ankle Diaries approaching final chapter!

Fun thing to say the week of our Derby party! And fun to finally be saying it...the saddle is the bike saddle!  The boot is off and I'm back in the gym building strength.  I'm walking very slowly as my Achilles tendon is very very tight.  I've known this for two weeks and been working it at my weekly PT.  It is time to turn up the effort now that the boot is off.  I wasn't moving those muscles much for 3 months I have to be patient and know it will take time.  Anxious to get back on the yoga mat- that played a big part in my development when I broke the fibula on my left foot.  I actually went back and reread my blog post giving summary of that broken bone- very helpful.  Life on Newark-Granville Road when sharing helps my own recovery- yay!

And as I type I listen to the chainsaw removing the tree from the neighbors- on the north corner of NG Road and Bryn Du Drive.  Sniff sniff- hate to see old trees go down. This beautiful road's canopy will be different.  The good news it appears no one hurt and possibly no wires down. Certainly an inconvenience for drivers as NG Road is closed at that intersection.  Always something happening.
I was notified about this event thanks to texts from friends. I was at Denison ready to wrap up the work-out, first in 3 months- felt soooo good.  I left the building, ready to be done, needing to be done, needing to pace myself, and called Joe.  He gave me the coaching to go around the backed up cars and I did.  Now happy to be home enjoying life on NG Road and counting the blessings that are all around.  Thanks for reading.

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