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Monday, April 10, 2017

Martha Status Update with pictures and my feelings on the matter...

The police officer stopped by the house to give us the news- Martha had been found.  I was out and about on Saturday but returned a call from Joe.  Sally answered and gave me the update- care was found near a river and has water.  When Joe called back he filled in the details- near Dillon, Licking River, up to the doors in water.  They were not sure how and if they could remove it and had brought in a backhoe.   Oh yes, and it was discovered by turkey hunters!

Once removed it would be taken to the impound lot, verification of the VIN would happen and then things would move to the next step.  Insurance had told us if found and drivable avoid the impound lot and and get to an adjuster. Oh well- we'll pick up call in the adjuster as soon as we move further in the process past impound, Martha was not drivable.

Added bonus- colleague saw photos posted and recognized Martha!  I woke up on Sunday am to these photos making it all the more real and helping me to process. I love our community and have to say social media!!  So grateful for the email and pictures.


And how do I really feel about it?  As my coworkers who heard my conversation with Joe know I'm annoyed that the process isn't moving faster.  We know it was out, why couldn't we get the call today that the VIN matches and keep things moving.  I get it that sunday was a day off. Plus it is a busy week with Joe travel, my mother visiting, work, kids and a happy escape on Friday, plus the holiday weekend. LOTS going on....I don't have time for this and I could of made time today.  Bahh.

I loved the idea of a wake for Martha. I do want closure.  We may want the CDs if they can be removed from the disk player.  And honestly I'd love to find this location- get a sense for how could she have ended up there?!  Is this a creek, or really part of the river?  I'm so pleased with Martha II, the new Martha and am moving on, ready to be done.

Reality is lots of things continue to annoy me.  Friends say that my ankle is teaching me patience...sometimes I think the opposite.  Because I have to be patient with some things it makes me less so with others.  This isn't fair or right or good for me or those around me.  I'm often said to be positive and upbeat, but these past few months have proven that isn't always the case and more so lately. I am sorry for the short temper and frustrations.  The real me does return- fresh air, friendship, care and kindness, good work all helps.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is full right now- so much goodness that I do need to be patient and embrace the positive, be in the moment and keep my cool. I type it to help make it so.

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