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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Prom Day for young and old.....

Prom day in Granville for the High School and our dinner dance club!  I love seeing all the pics on facebook for friends' gorgeous kids.  We had our own good time and here is why was the Granville Town and Country Spring event so much fun! Top ten reasons....

10.  I was able to relive the fun of proms in Altoona. I found some pics and shared with my friends here.  The Laura Ashley dress for Jr. Prom. The senior prom dress I wore for the Assembly Club event in Hagerstown and the the Class of 1991 Senior Prom.  I remember buying the dress at the Young Men's Shop on sale!

9. A great group of people worked together to plan and execute a fun event.  I love to entertain and serving on the committee allows me to do this- what fun we had. The coordinated work paid off- a great time was had by all.

8. We spend another great evening at Moundbuilders Country Club- bonus, set up allowed us to explore top to bottom!  Decorations committee really did good work putting us in a prom place.

7. Dance party in the bed room- my focus was the DJ.  Super nice and talented guy and the process was to collect songs to offer.  Clare helped us one night with her jams and play lists.

6.  Delicious dinner, Rodney does it well- my salmon was yummy, prime rib was delicious.

5.  I received a corsage- hooray for Joe making the order and Village Flower Basket for a well executed design.  Gardenia- so simple, so pretty.

4.  Little pretty pink action- designed my own prom dress with BIG help from Donna Dean Designs.  Took a Lilly maxi and made it fit me.

3. This meant Joe wore Lilly too! His fantastic dinner jacket - seersucker with seahorses. The perfect blue and white rep bow tie and pink pants..topped it off with white bucs!

2.  Danced the night away- fun music, great dance partners and the boot didn't get in the way too much.  Yes I spent the morning resting/ sleeping after that much exercise and activity- but it was sooo worth it!

1. Went with Joe to the prom, slow danced, fast danced- date night can't be beat with the love of my life.

Bonus- taking Wilbur the convertible to the prom from Newark-Granville Road, life is good!

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