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Monday, April 17, 2017

Holy and Helpful Week

Last week had so much good. I needed that week.  It really started a week ago Saturday with a full day of engaging with a friends and colleagues to engage with amazing Denisonians.  I am blessed to love my job and environment so much.  A day out meeting parents, students, alums, learning about Denison's Homestead that included a great walk, cheering for Denison athletes-great vibes everywhere we went.  Yes it wore me out, but the fresh air and interactions were energizing!  Catching up and celebrating was part of the evening.  It continued into Sunday morning. Palm Sunday's service was a great way to kick off Holy week.

The week has presented many messages- sermons from services, symbolism of the holiday, sisterhood and family time and a work seminar that was a true delight to attend.  Jerry Panas shared stories to cement his teachings that inspired and aspired my work.   My mother came to visit and that was indeed something I've needed. We're never too old to need our mother's care.  It was great for the kids to get Nana time and good for Nana to see the real life happenings with her little leits in our life on Newark-Granville Road.

It was a four day work week, plus the day out of the office so it flew!  On Friday we took a vacation day to embrace the kids no school day and went south. It was just what a I needed, a mini adventure, a day trip out of state. Simple and easy- no packing and a great destination- Keeneland.  We didn't make our regular pilgrimage in the Fall due to the India trip.  Rarely do we take in the Spring meet due to Derby Party prep.  I'm pleased I insisted and we made the time.  It was disappointing not to have Peter with us.  A baseball game was moved (strange for that to happen on a no school day) and he opted to play. We invited friends to take his place and each of girls had a beloved companion. Martha II was tested as a road trip vehicle- I admit the DVD player was nice. I drove down and enjoyed listening to Father of the Bride and inspired conversations from Steve Martin's banter.

It hasn't been the easiest couple of weeks that have turned into months.  Lots of ups and lots of just blah.  Nothing has been horrible and it all could of been worse. I can certainly look to the "blessings of the skinned knee" and find the good.  I really do love having Martha II.  On Saturday we were able to see and say goodbye to the first Martha.  The two inch thick layer of mud was quite something. Fascinating to talk to the person who pulled her out of the creek/river FAR off the road. I like to think she went out having some fun with a four wheeling adventure???

Life on Newark-Granville Road embraces faith.  Faith is key to keeping me grounded with these ups and downs. Faith leads to friendships and love that does conquer all.  My father isn't well and is recovering in the hospital.  I love that Sally learned of this news and went right to prayer to help.  We both want to road trip to see him but will stay put for now.  He's regaining his strength and Mom is in good spirits and handling it well. Family and friends surround them in Maryland.  Holy week gave me a boost and helped lift my spirits.  Now God's love in this Easter season is assuring me all will be alright.  Thanks for those that have added my Dad to your prayers. Thanks to all those that pray for me and my recovery.  I received an actual prayer chain- paper links adorned with prayers and kind messages- how can one not feel loved, content and happy.

Happy Easter f
Easter Bunny-thanks!!

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