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Saturday, April 1, 2017

strange things.....

Some one asked if I was blogging about the week's happenings literally on Newark-Granville Road and so here it is...

First- our car was stolen out of our drive way. Facebook friends know this but by blogging I am adding to the record books.  It was unlocked and the key was inside.  The good news- no sports equipment, chairs or valuables were in the car- maybe a blanket?  The bad news- beloved stickers/magnets- Camp Alleghany, Denison, my MD crab, The Works.

This was our beloved Martha.  Martha that has driven countless carpools, made amazing road trips and been the setting for the good, bad and ugly- or stinky.  My fondest memories were post camp pick up road tripping to the beach hearing all about the three week camps.  Last year in particular with all the ups and downs of the flooding in WVA and Peter part of the camp escape.

The police say this happens, people wander neighborhoods opening car doors and when they are open they look for keys.  They take these cars on joy rides or drug runs- nothing good happens after midnight is what I say. The car will most likely be found at some time, some where, in some sort of condition. No word yet.

Joe went to take Sally to camp on Thursday morning. He came back in and said "where is the white car?" I said "Martha?" He said "yes."  We both looked out the window and sure enough there was no white car. At that moment we realized both realized- car stolen.  Joe went to the police department to file the claim after taking Sally to camp in Wilbur the convertible.  I went to physical therapy in the extra car Clare drives- Gretel.

We have been fine as we have three cars and only two drivers this week, Clare went to Maryland to visit my sister and her family for Spring Break.  We are in practice for coordinating rides and driving for me is still slow going so I don't mind a ride.  We've started the search for a new car for us- we'll keep you posted.  We so appreciate the offers to borrow cars, and to shuttle me- so kind!

Another strange thing, on Friday am, on Joe's walk with Griffey- random ducks and a small animal crate were found outside the the neighbor's?  Very bizarre.  Sharing the news with the neighbors was a bizarre email to send. And the response said the same thing, "this may be the strangest email ever received."  Poor ducks- no reason why they were there.  Broken eggs and straw part of the mystery.  They were there yesterday, gone today.  Grateful to neighbors who took care of dear things.  Elegant dark ducks, a mallard like head- but taller, leaner than the mallards we see. Fancy ducks in a strange setting on Newark-Granville Road.

None of this is an April Fool's post...but maybe the car disappearing was an AF joke. I keep thinking Martha will return.  She is quite like a member of the family, similar to a pet in our lives on NG Road  We adopt- we buy used.  We care for cars but don't spend large amounts of money on either.  Both care for us and we care for them.  The ducks arrival may be foreshadowing for March Madness outcome? Hmmmmmm...strange things are a happen.


Finbarlong said...

I have it on good authority that the ducks were safely relocated to a farm in the country where they are adjusting well to their new home. Lucky ducks.

SSLeithauser said...

This is very good news!