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Friday, March 20, 2015

first day of Spring's lessons…..

Welcome Spring! I'm fine with the rain as I have new rain boots- not just one set but two! Why two? Because I can share with Sally!! We are the same size!  A darling, tasteful friend on facebook showed me the way.  These boots are not Hunters but they are nice- fit well, have fun selection of colors, patterns. Sally and I went with navy blue- nice detail in the back to help put boots on and with splash of color.  When the navy worked we selected another set that were available for free shipping a price we like. Today I wear drab green with horse and riders- perfect for Derby! And to welcome the first day of Spring!

So here is the lesson I had to document- I know I haven't posted a blog entry this close together in ages!!  Sally did a power point for extra credit. It is really good- does things with transitions in pages I don't know how to do. It is on elephants- we love elephants around here and it was great to learn more as well as reinforce the knowledge we do have.  So the power point had to be emailed to the teacher. I forgot to do it last night. So this morning I asked for Clare's (14 year old) help.  Sally constructed said power point on the kid computer. So we had to get the power point from that computer to mine so I could email.  of course we were rushing to get Clare to school so I said- just put it on a memory stick (I called it a magic stick and Clare said she didn't know what that was.) Clare looked at me and said- memory sticks are old Mom- we don't do that- we use MWPHOFRTC…..actually I think she said something to do with the cloud.  Oh my this cloud technology makes me feel so old…I don't comprehend it yet.  All I know is we ended up with both a memory stick loaded and an email to me (thank you Clare) and then I emailed Mrs. Pleasants.

Back to Spring fashion….the boots feel great.  I know not the most professional wardrobe item but I LOVE them, they are me, they are practical. I found the perfect scarf to wear with them today- a scarf that hasn't been worn enough- was going to be donated but I couldn't do it. A dear friend gave it to me and I love it- knit, soft, pretty drab green color on me….voila- add rain boots, need to keep the chill off on this early spring day- perfect day for the scarf!  I also swapped out the wool purse. I adore that felted, coat inspired bag I've carried ALL winter…but it was time to go.  I found the only spring purse i truly have- most of mine are summer purses. it makes me smile- it too is very me. I'll be on the look out for a new one but for now what I have works.  That is the lesson for today on Newark-Granville Road- old and new work together well.

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