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Monday, March 23, 2015

love the weekends…..

It was one of those wonderful weekends- so many great things were experienced! The fish fry this week with the wonderful Krebehenes- wow! What a treat to spend time with these dear fabulous people in our lives- all of our lives- we're all connected. Figure eight, full circles- Laura was our summer Nannie when Peter was all but six weeks old and I went back to work at Denison!! We walked carrying sweet Freeman and skipping with terrific two year old June!  Joe and I watched a great move, the kids all had fun over night activities- great kick-off!

Saturday was egg casserole delivery to the church, yoga, exercise all while seeing friends and saying hello. Service project with church, kids to birthday parties, learning more about mission in a far away place- Peru! Soup supper- getting a peak at Rev Karen making the bread in the morning was neat and I believe it made the bread taste all the better.  We wrapped up that evening sitting in the balcony listening to the Newark-Granville Symphony- wow! The first two pieces were festive, fun and so well done. The Youth Symphony Orchestra joined them on stage and it was amazing.  Hearing Beethoven's 5th Symphony is always wonderful.  Sure it is well known- but only a small part- the 1st movement.  Beethoven has always been my favorite and it is the later parts of these well knowns that take my breath away. I get lost in such contentment listening.  Saturday night took me to the musici listening room in the library at Denison. As a music major I spend a fair amount of time in there- checking out records, putting on the headphones to be transported.  Hmmm I wonder how students do that now- download their own?  Joe and I capped off the evening with a beer at the pub reflecting on the weekend.  This extrovert enjoys those opportunities- hence the blog!

Church yesterday was great- beautiful music- beautiful. Clare and Peter in the youth choir. A duet by young women I've watched grow up brought me to tears. The piano and flute and hymns that made me smile.  Sharing and caring, welcoming new members that are already friends- FPC is in God's place- I meant to type good place but God's place works.  I stopped in at work for some zumba with the LMH Medical STEM day- how lucky we are to have LMH in our community.  No one wants to go to the hospital - but it is an important part of our lives- we need a good hospital, health care provider, health care partner and LMH is exactly that. What good friends they are to the community and yesterday at The Works was an example of that in deed.  Joe worked on taxes- humph. I'm glad we were able to escape to the movies...

We made it movie night on Newark-Granville Road- Joe took Sally to see Cinderella and I followed through with the  Rear Window Plans.  Kids went to Cane's for dinner, Joe and I to Tora for Sushi.  I love sushi. I don't really know what I'm ordering. I always try new things and I always like it! I did get some miso soup that I crave!  We all had a good time. Clare is so teenager- but paid attention to the movie. Peter snuggled in and said he liked it. Joe and Sally had a magical time.  Yes a full weekend on Newark-Granville Road- memories made, satisfaction found while serving, caring and taking a break.

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