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Saturday, March 14, 2015

the ultimate Pi Day…..

A day like this needs to be documented.  Not because we really did anything extraordinary but it was a day I'd like to remember how it was spent!  The ultimate Pi day….March (3) Fourteenth (14) 2015 (15) 3-14-15….and the time 9:26:54 (ninth hour, twenty six minutes, fifty four seconds) 3.141592654….Anyone that loves math will love this day. We love math in our lives on Newark-Granville Road so we embraced.

I first learned of pi day things when I met Dr. Joe at Denison and he talked about the Chemistry runs on pi day- running a 5K today would of been great.  Yay to those that did- the CTEC math teacher that had the Greek pi letter in hair on his head, he was bald- was running it!  So we've had our own pi day in past years with with pizza pie and round foods but not really made it a thing.  This year we made it a thing.

At work on Thursday was had a pot luck - the challenge was bring food with a diameter. I made a quiche.  The middle school math department did ultimate pi day Tshirts- Peter and I ordered ours and wore them twice- today and earlier in the week.  My nephew Will shared pi to the 100 digit- wow- at family dinner last week- we ordered him a pi shirt to celebrate his birthday and great skill. The Middle School had a Pi contest- Clare came in 2nd for the 8th grade girls- went to the 54th digit- yay- cute prizes.  Sally wore my pi phi lilly scarf-shhhh you are not suppose to wear letters unless you are an activated member.  She's still young enough that I thought it ok.

On the way home from yoga I came up with the plan. I woke the kids up and made them join a circle in the upstairs hallway at the exact ultimate pi day moment.  They were not thrilled but they played along- I want to remember that forever- so I'm documenting it today, here on the blog. I want them to remember their mother that made them hold hands at ages 14-12-10 and I'm 46-on day that matters in the math world.  Joe is out of town for fantasy baseball draft- fun to do on a math day like today. His team gets a math name this year.

The evening was spent at the museum- The Works. The MIT Alumni Club rented the facility and hosted a gathering. They got it- they did it well. Lots of Pi Tshirts, pizza pie was served and some other fun math components.  I learned about Tau and its use in the math world. It was familiar- felt like a part of my brain had some dust removed.  It was great to see the MIT alums loving the Works so much- they were thrilled to see so many components and offerings.  I appreciate the members who hosted the event that knew they'd "get it" and they did.  The kids engaged well, helped host and clean.  There was some very creative play- Clare married the skeleton, Char married the Howard sculpture, Peter married the nurse in the WWI exhibit- I still need to figure out Sally's groom.  They made wedding and engagement rings in create lab.

We wrapped this ultimate pi day at Cups-felt appropriate- cups are round, have diameter.  An ice cream treat for the kids since they pulled it together. They fight too much on weekends like this- lots of together time. Lots of folks were out having fun with pub crawls, St. Patty's day, fundraisers. I feel a bit like I did when I was on call in the residence halls/ dorms.  Nights like these are good for me. I value the time and opportunity to celebrate something fun and simple. I hope they remember. I hope I will remember this day on 3-14-15-from my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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