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Monday, March 9, 2015

something to blog about…..Rear Window!

One of my all time favorite movies- Rear Window- will be on the big screen, in a modern day movie theater and I'm taking two of my kids- the big ones!  I love this movie and want them to experience it - this will be the best way. They don't have to love it, just experience this classic well done movie!

Want to join the fun?  Tickets are available and more info is here:  We're going to the 7 pm Gahanna show!
Joe and Sally will do something fun on their own that night- it is movie night and I've got tickets!!

I've blogged about that before- the advice I heard at a wellness seminar- get tickets! Tickets get you out and to good things. Tickets can mean a planned ahead date night that you won't let something else take priority.  So I've got tickets to do something classic with two great kids- yay!  We don't go to the movies that often so it is a treat- they'll enjoy the experience at least!  I use to go to the movies a lot more- I'll go again in the future.  It is a treat to go and seeing this film this way will be a delight.

I love Jimmy Stewart- he went to Mercersburg.  I love love Grace Kelly. I love her clothes in this film- whenever I find something remotely like the full skirt and vneck solid top dress I buy it.  To think they use to dress like that in every day, visiting my boyfriend way- wow.  If you know me well you know I was probably born late, I belong in an era that required hats and gloves. The whole cast is superb and the story and cinematography is my favorite Alfred Hitchcock.

It is a great night on Newark-Granville Road, in fact it has been a good day and this is the icing on the cake to make these plans. Something to blog about so if you too are a fan you won't miss the opportunity!  I'm also living the mission of the blog- to share fun things in the community in my life- Rear Window on the big screen is exactly that!

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