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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

where do you plan?

I'm struck by the way Joe and I connect and want to document it, reflect on it, share the internal giggle it provides.  This week we paused in our cars- one leaving for Lax practice turning right onto Newark-Granville Road, the other turning right from Newark-Granville Road onto Fairview returning from a kid drop-off.  The plan- how to finish the crock pot dinner that was started in the morning- there was a final step to be table ready.  We didn't want that final step to wait until Joe returned from practice with the girls- it would be late and they would be hungry.

We made our plans in our cars, talking through the windows. Joe bringing the recipe up on his phone- it took a bit to load- the phone was still picking up a weak wireless signal from the house.  We agreed I'd coach Peter as I'd be gone- we made our plan. I'm pleased to say I believe it was executed.  I see the one container of left overs in the fridge.  I heard it was good, Sally says the pasta (tortellini) was REally good.

Last night I brought my out line and preliminary work- done at the dining room table and via some emails through out the day- with me when Joe and I met about an upcoming trip.  We met at the bar in town. It was St. Patrick's day after all and what a great place to share a beer and talk through what we want to see in NYC with the kids and my family. Those are my favorite nights at the pub- nights we have a purpose, leave with things accomplished. The relaxed atmosphere sets the tone and makes it fun.

Life on Newark-Granville Road is fun with Joe. We make our plans- they'll be altered and we'll be okay with that but we have a starting place for moving forward.  Where do you plan?  As you can see we plan where we can and that makes me smile.

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