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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Here is what is really happening…..
-kitchen a mess this am- made pancakes and sausage- test day…had to clean kitchen, unload dish washer at same time.
-want to watch more House of Cards new season…pacing myself…
-want to keep watching on netflix- Hart of Dixie- it seems really sweet and nice now that HoC is back.
-want to start next book club book-Desert Queen- The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell, Adventurer, Adviser to Lawrence of Arabia by Janet Wallach!

-because it sounds warm that book…..because I want to finish the book on time!!

-want to reread last month's book- I really enjoyed it- but I rushed to inish for great discussion last night- book - The Homestead by Rosini Lippi

-It is time to get start seriously thinking about Spring Break…..Palm Sunday, Easter….

-we had salmon cakes, mac n cheese (homemade- made by Clare) and broccoli Again- it is the go to meal- we all like it.

-happy to be back at Yoga- but 6 am is coming early tomorrow…Place Called Om- yay!

-thankful for friend who motivated me to get to gym Monday night…I finished book while cycling- not my best workout but better than sitting and reading.
- proud of Clare- basketball banquet tonight- love each and every girl on both 7th and 8th grade teams- woo hoo!
-proud of Joe- coaching Sally's Lax team
-looking forward to baseball- Reds, Peter's middle school team,Clippers, Nats, I can taste the peanuts.

Really these are the thoughts going through my mind on Newark-Granville road right now.

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