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Monday, May 11, 2015

Figure Eights and Sets of Five- time to transition….

I seem to do things in sets of five and truly believe life is figure eights.  I spent ten years at Federal-Mogul, five years at Denison with the Alumni Office, five years as a stay at home Mom that didn't stay at home much- I volunteered and engaged at The Works. So five years ago I went to work there.  I have been so fortunate to have that job. I've learned and grown, been challenged, met amazing people and done my part to make a difference in this community. I've laughed, cried, yelled, sat in awe and puzzlement, pure pride, wonder and delight.  The time has come to transition back to the role of volunteer and move professionally back to Denison.

I have been sharing this news in various ways- but it does drain my energy. So if I didn't tell you in person or an email- I'm sorry.  I did post it on my derby page info/update post….

From late April: We will use this party to celebrate exciting news for me….a new job- over ten years ago I left my wonderful job at Denison to stay home. I had five amazing years at home, while taking time with young kids, I fell in love with The Works.  Lucky me- I went to work there five years ago.  In mid-May I'll return to my volunteer role at The Works and go home to Denison in a job with Advancement, working with parents and family.  Life is figure eights and I love my loops and the people I work with along the way.  Come celebrate with me!

So this Thursday will be my last day in the office- May 14th- my parents 50th wedding anniversary! On May 18th will be my first day back at Denison.  I'm looping back and forth with emotions- joy, excitement, fear, sadness- a fair amount of denial mixed in there too. I have a lot of work to do these next three days to put the office in a good place as I leave.  I depart at a good time- as good of time as can be.  HATSOFF is 2016 and in a great place with strong leaders and devoted volunteers.  2014 was a strong year and I go knowing I was part of an incredible team that made that happen. The person who sits at my desk in the future will have an incredible opportunity to experience the 20th anniversary of The Works and partner with incredible donors. This is a job so many should desire and I will be that person's biggest fan and supporter.  The Director of Development @ The Works posting will be on the Works please let me know if you have questions or if I can talk to someone about the role and responsibility.

Life on Newark-Granville Road- never dull, always in transition and movement from one thing to another, retracing steps and applying lessons learned while staying connected- a good life in deed.  I'll keep you posted about my new work life (and volunteer- 25th Reunion Co-chair- big event coming up soon!!) on the fair college on the hill- just down from Newark-Granville Road.

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