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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Kick-Off bring the alums and sunscreen!

What says "summer is here" to you?  The kids of course will say - last day of school- that is Friday. Being a stickler you may wait until the summer solstice- regular blog readers know this is a favorite day of the year for me. Joe Leithauser will say it is Derby Party.  For me it is the pool and Reunion Weekend at Denison!

So the pool opening is a very good thing. It is a place I relax, exercise, refresh, see friends, read, renew.  We joined Mound builders Country Club 10 years ago and I've been grateful ever since.  We've made wonderful friends and had a family and friend oasis.  A place to go and be welcomed. It isn't fancy, needs repairs and support, but suits us.  If you are interested in learning more- let us know please.  We added golf to our activities there last year and oh am I glad we did. I found another happy place.  Walking, trying out a new sport- frustrating yes- but when you hit that little ball sweet spot- it keeps you swinging again.  A nice thing to do with the family.

So last weekend at MCC- just what I needed.  We love to be one of the first and one of the last at the pool. We added golf to that on Saturday- I went out three holes with Joe and Peter. I walked back and found Sally. Sally had stayed at the pool with friends but earlier had wanted to play.  She changed and we did the out 10, back 18 routine- love it.  That day ended with dinner on the patio as a family as the sun went down.   Monday was chat and catch-up- all of us- a last hour dip was refreshing.

This coming weekend is Denison's Reunion Weekend. Almost 1000 alumni and their guests will be in Granville. I love the 50th Reunion- they are here now- they start early so they have quality time and staff attention! Joe and I celebrate our 25th and I'm giddy to see my dear Friends back in Granville! Come on Friday!  Lots of other wonderful Denisonians will be back including Sarah Stoner Christopher '94- woo hoo! Louisa- my niece- will be with her cousins and all will be good in the world.

Time to donn the white pants, Lily, sundresses, swimsuits and cover-ups summer has arrived on Newark-Granville Road, I can smell the chlorine and sunscreen - life is good!

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