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Friday, May 22, 2015

the week is a wrap…..

I had all sorts of ideas for a fun Friday night outing with the girls. Instead it just felt right to wrap up our week with Friday night baseball under the lights and it was great! We cuddled under the blankets to stay warm, cheered for a great night of ball for our boys- they had great hits and good defense and won the game. I loved the fresh air and family time- we were all there supporting Peter and the 7th grade boys team.  It was a wonderful, exhausting special week on the hill and it wrapped up well.  The farewell reception to honor Seth Patton at the end of the work day was lovely.  Wonderful sentiments from the many ways he worked at Denison and in our community. What a treat to be part of this special event and connect with all those that appreciated Seth and his family. We laughed, we teared and we valued together all of his contributions.

Another special happening for me on my final day of my first week- Denisonian from my era on campus and with his family!  As I walked up the steps of Burton Morgan (out of breath and quite tired from ascending from the lowest level) I noticed the clean cut blue button down and khakis - Peter?  Stoner!!  Class of 1989 Peter Kirshe back for Organizational Studies. Later in the day I met his darling girls and lovely wife- they had a great tour, Denison did not disappoint. I hope our paths cross again soon Peter!

I'm settling in to my new space- a piece of beloved art on the wall, pictures of Joe and the kids, some treasures from the office at S. 1st street. More to bring but it is feeling like home- more on that for another blog post. My orientation is going very well, I valued the time and work of my colleagues. Some planning was achieved to help me move forward in my position- good things to look forward to and make more progress next week.  Lots to learn but amazing help and support along my way- i'm lucky.   It was a wonderful week of welcomes. Life on Newark-Granville Road is in a great place and as I wrap up the week with my family I'm filled with gratitude.

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