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Sunday, May 31, 2015

our 25th Denison Reunion

This won't be a play by play post of the weekend.  Our reunion was tearfully good and as I type on Sunday afternoon I simply want to share a few take-aways from the amazing time at our fair college on the hill with really good people.

Here is the link to Denison's photos-they are beautiful!  Most of the events I didn't attend but a great way to see what went on and some of who was there: 
What I love having is the conversations from classmates about how beautiful the campus and Granville are, how well the events were received, and the pride and alignment of what is happening at Denison today. The reflection on our time on campus 25 years ago was pretty special too!

If you know Byl Cameron you should follow him if you are on social media- his posts and perspective from the weekend are beautiful and insightful.  He has a great eye with the camera. It was great to have quality fun time with Byl.

I so valued the real life time with denisonians- the triple 20th (1994-95-96 my sister!!) fellow volunteers, staff and students! Dr. Adam Weinberg's State of the College was wonderful- the education and experience Denison provides allows students to be the architects of their lives- Allison Bolch Moran the take away that resonated with us.

The deep beauty of this reunion was an invigoration of relationships with 1990 classmates.  Very good people I have seen or not seen in years.  A good sized group together- happy to be here in Granville, on campus and reconnecting.  Our time exceeded my expectations.

Thank you to each person that attended reunion.  Those that didn't not and wanted to- you know who you are- thank you.  Thanks for being part of the months of processing and fundraising to care for Denison and your fellow volunteers.  For my friends that didnt' make it- please take this the right way-you were very missed and you missed out- we had a great time.  I share this to hopefully inspire you make it back for our 30th and beyond.  I loved hearing from people what was the one thing that helped them clear the calender to be able to attend.  Of course children's graduations and other hallmark events are an unfortunate clash of calendars- the best things are always on the same dates and that was just unfortunate.  I love those that followed along on facebook and chimed in with communications doing their best to connect regardless!

I was a bit concerned about the changes in town and missing go-tos from our era would disappoint.  Granville pleased all.  The Granville Inn was a wonderful back drop for Thursday- the larger pub space is beautiful and well poised for conversations.  The porch last night - no better place to be- under the stars. I wasn't happy to see the screened in porch go- but the historic cause and experience now have me a supporter.  The room I stayed in Friday night with girlfriends was simply gorgeous!  Thanks to the late last calls and fun neighborhood bar feel of the Broadway Pub - good times there too!

Thank you Mrs. Weather- the small amounts of rain did not affect events- we loved our outside time all weekend- in particular on the row- the tear drop - with The Ark Band.  We made the right decision there- Terry and Steve!  Thank you David Gewant, David Howitt, Joel Spencer and our SAE hosts- that was a great party and perfect kick-off to the weekend.

And finally-Hooray to Greg Christopher for coming with my sister and niece.  Bonus time with them and extra hands to help throw together the quick drinks party that I valued.

I'm going to wrap this up- those are a few of the reasons my cheeks are sore from smiling and I hold in my heart dear memories from the Denison class of 1990's 25th Reunion.  My life on Newark-Granville Road was full and fulfilled this weekend.

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