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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Follow That Car

When I added "the big give" magnet to the back of Martha (Martha is my Sequoia, my parents name cars so I do too) Joe said- we've become that family I didn't want to be. I didn't want to have stickers all over the back of my car.    But each of these items have meaning to me so I thought I'd blog about why what is on the back of my car is on the back of my car.

1. Denison- center lower window-Joe and I are both alums- easy!
2. The Works- lower drivers side corner window-spreading the word about this amazing museum in downtown Newark, Ohio!
3.Maryland Crab- just under window driver side-I am a proud Marylander- this one has the MD flag graphic- xmas gift this year- I love this. I spend most of my growing up years in MD. I was born in VA, graduated from high school in PA, but MD is my "home state".
4. CA- Camp Alleghany!  under window, passenger side- I went to CA, Clare goes, and Sally joins the ghany girl status this summer! woo hoo- it is a very happy place for us and we want to share.
5. The Big Give!  You can support The Works via this amazing, amplifying giving tool- thanks Columbus Foundation!

That is it for now….stay tuned for what else is important enough for the back of Martha! Life on Newark-Granville Road is always going great places and this one way to showcase some fun things in our lives.  Thanks for reading.

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