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Monday, May 4, 2015

Derby 2015- what a day- Derby Love on NG Road.

Love really is the best word to describe the party this year.  I will quickly capture thoughts that have been visiting my brain these past three days for record keeping and reflection.  Joe and I execute this party as true partners and altough we still use the spreadsheet  and lists to track planning it really has become a machine.  It seems hard to beleive the weekend is over and I type on a Monday morning with an update on the "events to attend" section including Derby 2016- May 7th!

Yes looking ahead to Derby 2016…we do this for those that were not able to attend- we really did miss you.  Please put next year's event on your calendar.  This party is only fun if good people attend. Thanks to all that did attend- you were awesome.  Such fun conversations, hats, connections happened this year!!We love the out of town visitors that delight and catch us up in person with visits.  It looked like many many people were happy to see you.  We love the newbies (those that have not attended a Derby party), the newbies with great hats I might add!  We love the kids- Peter's friend walking and bringing his "A" game according to Peter.  Just what we needed- Peter's shorts were too tight and he did not want to change to pants that did fit- not until a pal arrived in cool stylish pants. (note family picture below- Peter's expression?) Of course after the race Peter was in his athletic garb to really enjoy the fun of this party in his eyes- a yard full of kids to play baseball, lax, tag, etc…Sally was in her element with art all around- sidewalk chalk and the basement full of walls to color.  I believed the gorgeous day would preclude activity down there- it is icky.  But upon inspection midway through party and Sunday morning- wow! We need to continue to give our kids these colorful, carefree, blank slate outlets!  I love that the furniture was moved so someone could color on the ceiling.  All four walls covered in written word and image all in color.

What else was new to Derby 2015?  The  Lilly Pulitzer for Target corner delighted me and many young guest!  When I was young I loved to play inside the bushes in Mr. Campbell's yard.  It is an expansive yard with beautiful landscapes-low evergreens that felt like full rooms of cottages.  We have those spaces in our lives on Newark-Granville Road and for Derby I furnished one!  I wasn't sure where the Lilly P beach chair would go, I wanted a reading nook and I found one.  I loved looking over at one point to find the 8th grade posse together inside.  Photos shared show other little ones made their way too.  Our bartender Emily was outstanding.  What a difference hiring a professional does. We had great luck with this last year and will continue to utilize the talent, service and friendship that this provides. Our Denison and High School helpers were amazing and felt like extended members of the family.  It is amazing how it all worked out as the shuffling could of stressed me out- but this was a good year.  Joe says the other things have distracted my stress- even working all of Friday when i usually take off to do flowers and prep (years and years ago I had a full week to prepare with kids in MD)- but this year we were ready and in happy places.  No sports for the kids helped- so they could help.  Although having them at the Denison NCAC Women's Lax championship worked well for the right before the party to-dos….picking up the kids worked well too. Congrats Big Red- I loved hearing your celebration.

I could go on and on but duty calls.  I'll follow the lead of the 2015 Derby post and include updates as I reflect and remember what I want to capture from this year's soiree on Newark-Granville Road.  A few photos below tell their own stories and I'll fill in with the "behind the scenes" at a later post.  Thanks for reading and sharing this party that connects us to you and you to one another and puts us in a place to embrace and enjoy summer on Newark-Granville Road.

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