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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

When in Denver….Art Hotel- this week's home away from home- lucky me!

What a treat to stay at the Art Hotel while in Denver this week!  Denisonians made this facility available for the fantastic "Denison Connecting" event- Denver style! And how lucky this was part of my work this week and tied to meeting with very special Denison parents!

So the hotel is amazing for many reasons.  Not surprising- the art!  Every step you took, including your room was like being in a gallery.  And having spent five years at The Works, being in a gallery daily, I was right at home.  The art delighted me - the car entrance lighting- spectacular.  The lines, lighting, fixtures and material- every where beautiful.  You enter on floor 1, floor 4 is reception, lobby, restaurant, amazing out-door/indoor event space and banquet/meeting space- all intiment, yet inviting. The large horse was certainly a delight for me and not to be missed.

The individual hotel room was spacious, comfortable, clean filled with extra touches- a luxurious shower with big thick towels and cozy robe.  The turn-down service, dark comfy sleeping, snacks and beverages- even a bottle opener and wine glasses for my sparkling treat last night.  

The staff at every step- parking attendents, check-in, servers, housekeeping- attentive, kind, encouraging, accomodating and happy to be of service, genuine and pleasant.  I worked, rested, relaxed, networked, caught-up and connected with my Denison family at  The Art Hotel.  Life on Newark-Granville Road likes a good journey and experience and shares the scoop!

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