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Monday, February 22, 2016

blogging from the air...thoughts from the flight to LAX last Week....

Blogging from the air….during a four hour flight one finds oneself looking for variety…blogging is a nice change of pace from reading and working- some of which is the same, although  reading some personal.  I’m reading Americanah by Chimamanda ngozi Acichie for book club. It is very good. Different, a book I would not read on my own (something highly regarded by our group). It is good to read and actually plays in to my work world. I want to understand other points of view, understand the challenge of international, in particular blacks immigration to Amercia.  The book has many themes and will be a good book to discuss.

I also have done the reading and made some notes to prepare for the Denison Board of Advisors meeting I’ll attend in San Fransisco tomorrow.  Adam Weinberg’s Huffington Post pieces are important for multiple reasons- he leads not only Denison but small liberal arts instituitons in today’s world. I learn so much each visit to the website.  See links below to a recent one that I find particularly important.

Today I also type with gratitude for health…I’m not 100 percent today. I’ve slept funny on my neck and the neve or muscle spasms are particularly uncomfortable. It was not a good night’s sleep. Ibuprofen seems to have helped. As I sit and type not in discomfort I’m grateful.

I really do enjoy travel. I do miss my family. I do miss office work days. I am VERY grateful to Joe’s extra work at home to support this component of my job and the wonderful helpers we have. The kids too- stepping up to make things happen, execute plans, adjust, communicate with me in ways other than in person- Joe and I think it is good for them.  And I so appreciate and value our time together when I return.  Another fun of travel I like is observing others.  Today’s “overheard” conversation was a group of coworkers traveling together- one colleague had gone ahead earlier to the retreat/conference destination with her young child. Husband would travel later and then they’d all go to resort.  The person telling the story was surprised colleague wouldn’t leave child with husband. Story teller was staying how much he enjoyed staying home with his girls while his wife traveled for work. His coworkers asking how he was with little girl hair and he admitted to being limited to pony tails his braids not pretty. This made me smile- well done young professional dad! You are leaning-in with your wife.

I also am so pleased to have met a Denison alumnus!  His partner spotted my Denison handle and he happily inquired if I had gone to Denison  YES not only did I graduate I work there…I should keep the Denison tech tattoos at the ready to share….rewards for Denison chatter.  I wish my stiff neck didn’t keep me from being my usual chatting, happy traveling converser…..but only when prompted.  Even this Extrover can sit in her seat engaged in a book, a lap top, a 10-10/words with friends game- I don’t like to be “that” annoying passenger.

So life on Newark-Granville Road is finding inspiration in the air and for sure on the west coast with Denisonians connecting, leading, giving, advising, learning together to execute our call to education, prepare and engage students with our world.

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