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Friday, February 26, 2016

Homes on the Hill- thanks for the friendships!

I would vote for so many res halls/dorms in this fun Denison Homewelovesowell Challenge if I could! I am voting for East- East was where I made life long, the base of my college experience friends. You are all very dear to me, each of you.  That third floor was home!  Then sophomore year and Shep- service project, co-ed!  Junior Year Shaw in a suite- it felt so grown up! We welcomed transfer student to our mix- yay!  The core friends went abroad so I went abroad to the West Quad- Smith as an SA (RA in today's terms). That is where I met Joe- at least that is where I remember him entering my Denison experience- he was in Shorney.  Then I lived off campus senior year. June O- as a student and staff member- Curtis West- ahhhh- loved those rooms and that living arrangement- community within community!

The memories and people returning to me during this #homewelovesowell challenge:
are wonderful. I did find the photo alblum- pictures below.  The smiles, the music, the food, the chats, the downs and ups, the confusion, the mistakes, the happy successes, the older students, the classmates, the younger students, the fraternity boys coming to live in Shep, the independent men living with us, the deliveries- Papa Chang egg rolls in a cooler, the crushes, the support and love- oh the love....the relationships thanks to "the home we love so well".....

And I love hearing your stories- your home away from home experiences. This week in particular from Denisonians- 1990-Mark and Lauren- thank you, Elliott- wow, Julie, Makiva!! I know why I work at Denison- it is a call, my home to support in many ways- but it only works when we work together to support our home away from home in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  Thanks to all engaging in this challenge to build participation and support of the Annual Fund in a really fun way!


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