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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

what can I do….take away from Piper Kerman's Denison talk….

So here it is, my take aways- no order, no ranking, no prose or reflections…okay maybe a few:

  • more info there- Prison Reform info in particular.
  • empathy- lack there of is the root of crime that leads to prison, empathy critical to survival and transition out.  This hit home with me…what empathy can I offer.
  • support the Sparta  and other social entrepreneur efforts supporting returning citizens.  Our whole family loves to eat and visit the Sparta!
  • books- prisoners need books- they are locked up- their best escape is through the written word- a book- all the places they can go….I Love this!! So true..I liked the opportunity to go to prison via the book Orange is the New Black   the reality is our TV shows allow us to escape too and this show is making a difference…earlier I said I was done with it…nah- I'll be back in JUNE!!! Woo hoo season four!  But read the book and tell others to read the book…..
  • help prisoners get books- programs out there….Denison has a program- English professor runs a non profit- monetary donations go 100% to shipping the books….drop them at Room 200 in Barney Davis- text books you can't sell, fantasy, mystery…if they can't use them to send to Ohio prisons- they'll donate them somewhere…woo hoo (month of Feb- Children's books can be taken to FPC for a food drive for libraries in the Caribbean, wiped about by hurricanes.)
  • Communities that shut down libraries, don't have good schools, eliminate arts facilities and museums open the doors to prison….keep communities healthy by supporting these institutions everywhere! They keep communities safe.
  • Ohio Proud- Piper moved here to work in Ohio Prisons, to teach writing, she came here for the Ted Talk housed  1st state to do this…….
  • Sesame Street has curriculum for children with incarcerated parents- wow- yes Piper you are right- it is telling that there are that many kids needing this for SS to be involved.  To the woman asking a question about what to say to kids she is fostering with parents in jail- yay you, thank you..Piper says keep them connected- research shows how important that is on both sides…wow…
  • Piper is a 1992 Smith grad- impressive….her journey is not typical and should be avoided- lack of empathy- but way to turn your life, find the positive, teach, drive change, make a difference….well done Smith.  Well done Denison for hosting and having an alum partnering working with Piper.
  • Great questions Denison/Licking County- thank you!
  • I ended up going alone and was sad about that for a number of reasons…sad for the reasons my friends couldn't join me, sad to be alone but it was part of the lesson, part of the empathy.  One of Piper's take aways is how she went in to prison thinking she could do it alone, could be within her own thoughts….she was wrong- friendship matters, support and camaraderie matter and make a differnce….
  • I took away the theme of hospitality- the shock and surprise of how she was greeted by a welcome wagon, the care and support- she was shown hospitality on her first day in prison by her fellow inmates.
  • I love the hospitality at the Sparta…..
  • Life on Newark-Granville Road is a bit more appreciative of all those around me, my freedom and will work harder at empathy thanks to time reading the book and hearing from Piper Kerman tonight.

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