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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Expanding the Camp Circle…in Granville!

Camp Alleghany is a great place for Granville girls.  The camp color's are blue and white and Granville's colors are blue and white.  It works well for securing dinner clothes for Camp Alleghany. We're so pleased Sally's friends are making the trek to West Virginia this year to attend the three week, sleep in platform tents, be with out electronics,  make friends with girls from all over- including international counselors, discover  more about themselves camp!  And oh did I have fun watching our girls- Clare (going on year four) and Sally (going on year two) share, coach, give the real scoop, entertain and support the prep for their friends.

It was a simple gathering. Friday at 4:30 pm I called from work and asked the kids to get the trunks down from the attic and set up displays of what goes to camp. By the time I was home- it was done! Trunks in the living room and the pillows, crazy creeks, shower caddies (with lice repelling shampoo, fans, t-shirts and tu-tus all on display. We set a table and served camp food- hot dogs family style, chips, cookies and milk, bug juice,  treats, apples, and of course PB&J just in case. Discussion at the table was fun and informative and non stop.   I learned a thing or two as well- water must be consumed before bug juice (koolaid).  Nice….the other Moms and I gave all sorts of "that is good" as we heard about the variety of guidelines at camp- try everything, one bite, no gossip, try- it days for activities….Bonus of the event- all the girls wore gray and blue!  They are ready, ready!

A WVA Dad picked up one friend and we talked about the bonus of camp- drop off and pick up adventures- the Greenbrier, Lewisburg, go further to Va and explore Charlottesville or Lexington, Va or ???? Ohhh we forgot to talk about our breakfast stop in Marietta, OH- the Busy Bee!

If there are others who want to learn more about camp let me know and visit:
This year Peter will probably join the fun on the river- Camp Greenbrier!!  AND our niece in Baltimore is going to Mini-Camp- woo hoo… much fun!  The camp fills up and waiting lists are created- talking directly to the camp is the way to go! Sally and Clare go first term, others are headed to 2nd term.

What a treat for me, a former Ghany girl myself- to see the next generation happy and excited to leave Granville for three weeks of amazing camaraderie, growth and fun to create memories to last a life time.  Thank you Dawson family…I raise a cheer for you today in my life on NG Road.

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