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Monday, February 22, 2016

Catch-up...things to share from our life this week....

Of course driving, in the midst of kitchen work, in the shower.....I think of blog post that it is fingers to keyboard...not so much.  So I'll just extrovert and recap some highlights these past few days...some you know if you follow me on Facebook/ Twitter...I'm doing one big update instead of by suject as I want to make room for the next blog update this week.....#homeyoulovesowell  Denison Annual Fund participation challenge...woo hoo....

But for now back to:
-the rest of the trip....I just posted my thoughts from the flight to LA.  Inquiring minds want to kow about the trip- it was great! It rained in LA and that is good for them.  I was there to attend a talk by Adam Weinberg at the Vistmar School- impressive, good place! The space had fabulous energy. I realy enjoy visiting schools- the walk to Clare's basketball games make me happy.  The talk was inspiring and when it is posted, I'll share!  Great parents, alums, connections to the past- learners, all learners and valuers of education.  I took time to drive around a bit- say hello to the Pacific Ocean. The hotel had a special occaison with a prime minister visiting from ?? now I can't remember- so fun to see happy loyal excited citizens dressed up, the metal detecter was the clue that someone or something big was happening....Oh yes and I also had my first In and Out Burger..yes it was good.  No I didn't do the double double.

-San Fran....I love this city..I goofed and rented a car thinking I had appointments out of the city...not the case. Argh- Uber and cabs and other public transportation for me from now on....a full day of Denison gatherings- catching up and seeing friends I haven't seen in ages, connections to my sister and other alumni volunteers. I so value the parent engagements and Mark Sanor's Denison Connecting- Wow!  I engaged with easily over 150 Denisonians last week- good week!

- My neck spasms became fewer and less disrubtive...they're not gone completely but limited to night- ahhhh

-The weekend was special and not only because it was our 17th wedding anniversary....Sally's team did super in the end of season tourney- woo hoo and Clare's winter formal gave us quality mother daughter time and a chance to engage with her friends and some of their families.  Facebook has details and I've told everyone who will listen about the wild come back and 5th grade boys team cheering them to sweet...I saw the 11 am semi final game....Clare and I glued to my phone while Joe texted updates. Clare and I bonding over blusher and lip liner.  Denison Bluegrass was another component and a visit to The Works for STEMfest- albeit a quick hello a nice treat for me.

-Travel leads to desire to be in the kitchen....last night's dinner on Newark-Granville Road was bbq chicken- the warm weather inspired the grill and ice tea....I baked Joe's birthday cake and prepped tonight's dinner- veal scalopini!  Tonight was low key with no evening activities other than family dinner.  With the delivery of more eggs I felt compelled to make the quiches on my to-do list!  They're cooling now - so blogging a good way to pass time before I put them in fridge and freezer.

So there you have it....week end's wrap up and weekend activities in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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