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Thursday, February 11, 2016

So yesterday was filled with love, today stress.  For every action there is an oposite re-action? Hmmmm and as much as I sing the praises of Facebook and the great I was ready to swear off it until Monday- when Valentines is done and over.

Truth be told- the stress is warranted- new event to coordinate, lots going on, not enough hours- all good I just feel pulled in a lot of directions.  I know I posted on FB the article and phenomenum of people to wear shorts, not wear coats...but it still bothers me.  It was 7 degrees when my teenagers loaded into the car- without coats...hello...sorry I'm not the Mom that sweetly says- darling, please go back into the house and get a coat- you'll catch your death of cold. By the way Peter already has that cold.

And then I saw them- the Valentines boxes and bags....facebook posts of creative, elaborate, darling vessels for children (including 5th graders, Sally's age) to collect their valentines. Children dressed in darling child- had a red and white bag!  Yay to our awesome helper for taking her to the attic and tracking down a festive shopping bag- we were recycling!  They added some hearts, her name and voila- Valentines come hither!  I was good with it, Sally was good with it.  And also in my defense- God love the Dad from the packaging company (PCA) who had a daughter in Sally's classes for two years- 3rd and 4th grade- and he brought us cools Valentines collection boxes- little mini mail boxes- so cute! Sally decorated hers last him for proving these!!  Darn that Sally isn't in that friend's class this year.  But that spoiled me and took me away from the Valentine creative outlet....but would I have ever embraced it?  I'm not taking anything away from the families that produce the clever bags and boxes- I admire you!  I recognize it is our strength to do this and it is OK...but for a moment this morning- sigh...I wasn't pleased, it added to my stress and it played into my bad mood...not the opposite of love but not the happy go lucky girl that usually is on this blog and in my life.

By the way- update- I asked Sally about the Valentines party and boxes...she said one child decorated hers in tin foil- very cool.  If we had done that it would peel and fall apart...she said other kids had bags- yay those Moms!!  Just typing this reminds me of the year Clare helped Sally decorate a box- yay Clare!

The bummer/blessing- it is only the 11th...Valentines Day is Sunday...not Saturday...I thought it was Saturday....Hmmmmm three more days of Valentine activities that might me feel a bit insecure....flip side-I mailed my family's Valentines today...yay more time- the fact that the special day is it a holiday? hmmmm what is the definition of a holiday....anyway since it falls on a Sunday that means delivery on Monday a bit more acceptable?!!

Life on Newark-Granville Road- real, some times stressed, some times insecure, some times not so lovely....but able to recognize how good it all is and how much help and love is all around.  I'll celebrate that love for the next four plus days!  Lots of Big Red love to go around...Denison hosts the NCAC Swimming and Diving Championships, Basketball game, lectures, visits....great connection to the Valentine's weekend.

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