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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A day in the life.....vacation day!

Since I posed a game/activity on Facebook about the day....asking for one word about the day, giving a friend one word about my day...I'll go ahead and document this special day with more than one word.  Or I'll use one word for an activity and then back it up with "the rest of the story".....

Proud- Sally and Peter flew on their own to MD to be with my parents.  A big help over spring break when it wasn't a great fit/time to take a vacation. We're saving for India in October! Since Clare was going with dear friends to Florida we wanted to give the other kids something fun.  Meeting my Mom half way is our usual m.o. but thanks to a Southwest Airlines sale we went for it.  In theory we wanted to give them the opportunity to do this on their own. It felt safe- a process that is explainable, well marked with helpers all around.  I admit to being a bit worried but focused on the theory.  Sally was a bit nervous and Peter a bit cool but with coaching they embraced it and agreed to move forward.  We arrived at the airport early enough to go back to the car to retrieve forgotten items and give them ample time.  They made their way through security and texted they arrived at the gate- I asked for a picture.  I sat outside security (in the lovely remodeled CMH airport near ticketing) and waited for the text that arrived next- on plane.  I asked for a photo.  Then I watched the plane's status to BWI on my phone- giving updates to my parents.  I did leave the airport at that point to run errands. While in Target I checked my phone every five minutes and had a huge smile on my face when they landed. A few minutes later the photo arrived- a selfie of Sally, Peter, Nana and Pap!  YES!  I'm proud of my brave kids, Peter for carrying for Sally, the independence and confidence we provided. My parents added a bonus challenge. Nana was able to secure a pass to go beyond security and wait for them at the gate.  They didn't know this, they missed her.  They found their way to baggage claim, stopped and called Nana.  She found them- then they found Pap! My parents raised us to go on adventures and we provided a special one today.

Pleased- with the the relationship my parents have with our kids and vice versa.  When I called to talk to the kids later in the day I ended up on the phone with just my Dad. The tone in his voice was lovely- happy, joy filed, content, pleased.  It took me back to the call I made the first time I left Clare with my parents- she was 6 months old.  I recall the same tone and joy in their voices.  The kids were with my Mom at the church soup kitchen- this has been going on for years. I admire my mother's work feeding those in need and that she has always shared it with my kids.

Independent- is the word I put on Facebook about my day...selfish was the first word I typed.  Today I took a day away from work to focus on the kids. The bonus was the afternoon was all mine!  I went to Target, Nostrom- ate lunch alone- a delicious salad served to me while I read my book! I had a mani/pedi in the middle of the day! I bought flowers and yummies at Trader Joes.  I rode my bike to the gym.  I didn't get everyone thing on my list- my list- my list done but there is tomorrow because my kids are all in great hands.  Oh and I found an Easter skirt, Easter/Derby hat/fascinator- I wasn't looking for them- they were there waiting for me!  Back to the word pleased- better word- Delighted!

Fullfilling-The day isn't over  on Newark-Granville Road there is more to enjoy! And there were certainly other components related to emails received, thoughts about a darling niece's birthday, chatting by phone with kids and hearing about their days.  Dinner with Joe and run in with friends. My day was indeed

Blessed- that is the word I should of put on Facebook to describe not only my day...but my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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