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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Championships on Newark-Granville Road

Before I blog about the wonderful honor to venture off of Newark-Granville Road and witness the Big Red Men's Swim and Dive Team NCAA Championship....I want to document our own champion- Joe Leithauser!  Joe won his fantasy baseball league season last year and we're proud of him. So proud of him I've allowed the trophy (picture on left) to remain in the house.  In the past it has gone to the basement. The basement is no longer themed for such trophes.  It certainly doesn't fit in living room or dining room- so the kitchen is it for now.  It doesn't quite seem right to put it in the garage...well not yet- maybe when we get the garage cleaned up for Derby?!  I love the combination of passion, math and friendship that goes into the Pure Praire League. I'm sorry I didn't get to see the guys this year but timing worked with my travel to be away which is fine.   Life on Newark-Granville Road was happy to host said draft and experience it from Joe, Clare and Peter's point of view. And I'm happy to welcome the trophy home, way to go Champion Joe Leithauser-2015

More soon on the adventure to witness Denison championship in North Carolina!!

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