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Monday, March 7, 2016

get it done!

How do I get things done in our life on Newark-Granville Road?  I blog about it, I write it down, I ask for help.  Joe asked me about our spring break projects and I told him "I had blogged about it".  Then we we started our day yesterday with the question- "what projects should we do?" he was reading the blog!

I'm happy to report the Sally room project made huge strides forward! She has a new desk, comforter and art on the walls.  The shades have been replaced and she is happy happy!  Feels great! Joe also stayed home from church and made major progress on taxes...argh....but the sermon directed us the right way- abundance, we're fortunate to be in a place to pay taxes.  Did I really type that?

The back hallway has the rack up as well and boy it feels good.  All this putting things where they belong inspired more tidying, having people over Saturday night helped too!  We're getting ready to host Easter, then Derby....woo hoo!! Spring is on its way.  Life on Newark-Granville Road loves closure and crossing things off the list.

Sneak peak at Sally's room:

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